Friday, December 17, 2010

Enjoying so much meeting "Modern Day Shakespeares" like Fegger and Tarantula on Triond. There are so many common folks out there who are simply brilliant. Truly inspiring.

Arrived at work this morning to a beautifully wrapped package from my partner, the psychiatrist. He's from Russia. It makes me feel so good that we are fighting this difficult job we call mental health together. There are so many financial pressures and restrictions placed on us by insurance companies, it's ridiculous!


  1. Such gift of love, is more I think,
    Than luring sheen or bows of pink,
    Nor ornate trim or silver trappings...
    Love becomes, in the unwrapping

  2. You are So kind Kim. I think Fegger and Bill Muse (and Drew!) have me whipped with traditional metric\rhyming verse. However, I'd like to think some of my "religious" stuff is worthy. Check me out as Paul Butters on Poemhunter dot com. Cheers. Do see my blog: