Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seasonal Depression

I wrote a piece on Suite that helped prepare me for the holidays. However, several of my clients have come in this week, very depressed. They're experiencing tremendous grief, financial woes, etc. I've felt for them. I've worked hard at keeping my spirits up in addition to brain-storming with them creative ways to enjoy the holiday season. It's a lot of fun to share and learn from one another.

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  1. I probably need to see a mental health person. I have never been depressed, worried or unhappy in my life. Something has to be wrong with me. I love everyone, my job and family. How can that be? I have never had a worry, or a problem and I have been happy everyday of my life. I have a ton of ailments, blind in one eye and break my toes often climbing steps without shoes. I have been near death three times and each time I was pulled back to do some more work. I always look at the positive side and say, "Well, I still have one eye or breaking toes isn't so bad, can you imagine how bad I would feel it it was my leg. I never bemoaned the fact that my first wife left me for a man half her age, I figured she deserved something better. Funny thing, it didn't work our for her. I sort of feel bad about that.

    I started working at age seven with a community paper route and sold that around nine or ten to my brother and started my own pig farm. My father gave me the land to use and helped build a pig house and nice pen. I have never run out of money since those days and I have never been without several jobs at the same time. At one time in my life I had four jobs and worked from 6AM to midnight and loved every minute of it. My first wife left me because she thought I loved working more than I loved her, she was wrong, but I didn't complain because if she was happier with another man, that was fine with me. My second wife looked at me and decided if she was going to marry me she had to learn how to do my kind of work and we have been working together for 26 years and she hasn't complained once. As a matter of fact, the first thing she does every morning is say, "I love you" and the next thing is, "What are we going to make today?" The last thing she says every night is, "You are my superman and I love you. I can't wait until tomorrow to see what we are going to do."

    I have a lot of good examples of living a good life, but that can wait. I live in Paradise and my wife and I have built it together.

    As a matter of fact, my book, "In Search Of Paradise" shows a picture of our home and the land that we drained from a swamp and rescued it from a dismal abyss. You can see our paradise by going to Amazon and looking up the cover of the book.

    We turned a swamp into a lake and made our furniture from the old and dying trees.

    Life is good.

    It's all in the way we look at life. Our attitude is similar to that of an airplane. We are either going up or down and I enjoy going up a lot better.

    Dr Robert E McGinnis
    A man who knows no strangers.